Popular Service Pacakges

Service Level A - $69.95

(Recommended every 5,000 miles)

Average Wait Time = 30 minutes

Oil and Filter Change - includes up to 5 qts. oil

Inspect Air Filter

Check Air Pressure in Tires

Complete Chassis Lubrication

Top-off Power Steering, Transmission, Brake and Washer Fluids

Visual Inspection of Battery

Tire Rotation Recommended + $20

Service Level B - $149.95

(Recommended every 15,000 miles)

Average Wait Time = 60 minutes

Includes Service Level A PLUS..

Replace Cabin Filter

Inspect Suspension and Steering System

Inspect Brake Condition for Wear

Inspect Internal Lamps for Proper Operation

Check Constant Velocity Joint Boots for Cracks and Deterioration

Service Level C - $259.95

(Recommended every 30,000 miles)

Average Wait Time = 2 Hours

Includes Service Level A PLUS..

Oil & Filter Change designed for your vehicle.

Replace in cabin filter.

Replace engine air filter.

Check for outstanding recalls.

Top off all fluids.

Check air pressure in tires.

Perform Battery Test

Balance Tires

Inspect catalytic converter heat shields, hoses, belts, and filters.

Inspect suspension, steering system, brakes, and external lamps.

Clean battery connections.

Additional Services Available

Replace Wiper Blades

$53.00 (Includes 2 wiper blades and installation)

Engine Performance Service (105,000 miles)

Replace Spark Pugs for Better Engine Performance

Inspect Filters, Belts, and Hoses for Improved Fuel Economy

Adjust Ignition Timing

Inspect Battery Cable Connections and Road Test


4 Cylinder - $199.95

6 Cylinder - $339.95

8 Cylinder - $379.95

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

$89.95 (annually)

4-Wheel Alignment

$99.95 (annually)

4-Wheel Tire Balance

$89.95 (annually)

Brake Flush

$179.95 (30,000 miles)

CVT Transmission Service

$199.00 (60,000 miles) **Some models higher

AUTO Transmission Service

$149.00 (60,000 miles) **Some models higher

Fuel Injector Service

$169.00 (30,000 miles)

Coolant Service

$119.95 (60,000 miles)

AWD Service

$128.00 (60,000 miles)

4x4 Service

$195.00 (60,000 miles)


*Prices Subject to Change Without Notice