Nissan's Owner First Award of Excellence


Left to Right

Nissan DOM: Michael Dunn

President: Jeffrey Batta

General Manager: Daniel T. Hedin

New England Region Manager: Gary Floyd

Marlboro Nissan has won the Owner First Award of Excellence for a total of 9 years!! We would have had this honor a total of 11 times now if we had been able to build our new facility sooner.


What is the Award of Excellence? “The Award of Excellence program recognizes and rewards employees and dealers that deliver outstanding results in sales performance and growth, customer satisfaction and owner loyalty.” – Nissan USA


Not all dealerships are awarded this honor! General Manager Dan Hedin, lifetime Marlborough resident, continues to focus on 100% customer satisfaction in every aspect of the dealership and keeps a strong team beside him. Mark Stoller (Sales Professional) has been at Marlboro Nissan with Dan since 1996 when the doors first opened and Josh Keevan (Sales Manager) since 2000. The success isn’t just in the Sales Department. Paul Mullen (Service Manager) has been taking care of customers in the service department since 2004.


As Dan would say, “It’s not just the managers that make a successful dealership, everyone plays their part to keep the company running like clockwork. Without you, the customers, choosing Marlboro Nissan, we would not have the opportunity to provide the customer service you deserve when buying or servicing your car!” – Dan Hedin (General Manager, Marlboro Nissan)